Assistant Director, State Agency

“I feel almost every single topic available through Strong for Performance is relevant relevant to the leadership in my agency. In every position, People Skills play a vital role, and the Personal Strengths are so important for all types of management.”

Julie Walker

“The content in this program burrows deep into all of the personal and behavioral areas where I needed help and so much more. In one case, I used the tools in the Constructive Feedback section to address a frustrating issue with a colleague and resolved the problem immediately. I would recommend Strong for Performance to anyone who has to lead, inspire, influence or even simply interact with other people!”

Crystal Barrios

“My team is happier and more motivated now. I have always felt that PEOPLE make the organization. Strong for Performance gave me the opportunity to really focus on the individual and still incorporate operational goals.”

Lavanderia Bethel

“Strong for Performance has been very helpful for me as a manager. It allows me to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and work on them by doing activities, then reflecting on them. I find this approach very helpful, and over time my team has seen real improvements in the way I interact with them.”