Use assessment and development tools that support ongoing behavior change.

Use assessment and development tools that support ongoing behavior change.

What’s the biggest threat to your success of your leadership development programs?

  • Your content?
  • The instructor?
  • The classroom environment?

It’s actually none of these!

It’s the ingrained habits that leaders already have. If there’s no follow-up practice and coaching to create new habits, the odds that they’ll actually apply the new skills on the job are almost ZERO.

We understand your frustration.

We’ve been in your shoes. We know how disappointing it is to deliver outstanding leadership programs and later find out that participants aren’t using
what they learned.

Our tools help you get…


Higher engagement

Lower turnover

Better teamwork

A Positive ROI

Lasting positive changes

in performance

Measurable improvements


…for ASSESSMENT:  20/20 Insight GOLD 

Assessment is the first step to improved performance.

Our 360 and survey software makes it a snap to gather feedback about individual, team and organization performance, to help you focus your resources on the greatest need.

You start with a baseline survey, survey again later during follow-up, and then compare the two results to measure improvements.

Our clients love how customizable 20/20 Insight GOLD is. You can use a single tool for several applications:

  Needs analysis

  Pre-training assessment to identify skills to address

  Leader and individual contributor development

  Team and organizational effectiveness

  Employee engagement

  Customer satisfaction

Watch the Demo.

Would you like to offer surveys to your clients,
but don’t want to set them up yourself?

We can do it for you.
We offer a done-for-you service where we take care of the administration.

“We purchased 20/20 Insight in 2018 to create a customized management development assessment for a new management development program. The software is easy to use and has a library of potential questions included to give you a starting point. The live support as a first-time user has been incredible and helped me to get my project done quickly and correctly. I recommend 20/20 Insight as a product and definitely recommend PSS for the support they provide to make sure you can get the best out of the software.”

Amy Dinning  — Arris
Amy Dinning

“For over ten years, our firm has utilized 20/20 Insight on projects ranging from 360 evaluations and employee opinion surveys to upward appraisals and peer reviews. The results are clear and simple to understand, and the technical support is top-notch. I highly recommend 20/20 Insight for anyone seeking an effective method to administer surveys for a variety of needs.”

Steve Peglar  — The Whitney Smith Company
Steve Peglar

“We have found that 20/20 Insight is a great way to provide employee feedback and help promote our team environment. The software is very user-friendly, and the technical staff is excellent.”

Melissa Ann Auter  — Florida Department of Health
Melissa Ann Auter

“We’ve been using 20/20 Insight as a component of our leadership development program since 1996. Our managers often tell us the feedback opens their eyes to their ‘blind spots.’ They can more easily identify and improve the skills necessary for leadership effectiveness and advancement. I recommend 20/20 Insight to any organization looking to take their leadership program to the next level.”

Nancy Outlaw  — Henrico County, VA
Nancy Outlaw

…for DEVELOPMENT:  Strong for Performance

To create lasting improvements on the job, leaders need practice, coaching and feedback.

Strong for Performance is the perfect complement to your existing leadership development programs. You can customize the system for each group of participants. That way, they access only the resources you want them to see – and, you can add links to your own custom content!

  A wealth of multi-media content for 64 essential leadership skills

  A proven three-steps process that rewires the brain for a new skill

  Accountability through online interactions with you and other support coaches

  Progress checks by requesting feedback from stakeholders

How you can use Strong for Performance:

  As part of a training class

  For post-training follow-up

  Stand-alone development

  Complement to executive coaching

Watch the Demo of the Participant Platform.

“I feel almost every single topic available through Strong for Performance is relevant relevant to the leadership in my agency. In every position, People Skills play a vital role, and the Personal Strengths are so important for all types of management.”

Assistant Director  — State Agency in Pennsylvania
Assistant Director

“The content in this program burrows deep into all of the personal and behavioral areas where I needed help and so much more. In one case, I used the tools in the Constructive Feedback section to address a frustrating issue with a colleague and resolved the problem immediately. I would recommend Strong for Performance to anyone who has to lead, inspire, influence or even simply interact with other people!”

Julie Walker  — PaperCut Software
Julie Walker

“My team is happier and more motivated now. I have always felt that PEOPLE make the organization. Strong for Performance gave me the opportunity to really focus on the individual and still incorporate operational goals.”

Crystal Barrios  — HHS Environmental Services
Crystal Barrios

“Strong for Performance has been very helpful for me as a manager. It allows me to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and work on them by doing activities, then reflecting on them. I find this approach very helpful, and over time my team has seen real improvements in the way I interact with them.”

Lavanderia Bethel  — BAF Financial & Insurance
Lavanderia Bethel