017: A Model for Accelerating Leadership and Creating a Coaching Culture

by Lance Hazzard

Sometimes executive coaching falls short of the expected outcomes. My guest Lance Hazzard has developed a system to ensure all the right stakeholders are involved so the coaching engagement is a resounding success. Lance created this process based three unique experiences: (1) as a senior HR executive who received coaching, (2) as an internally certified coach working with other leaders inside the company, and (3) as an external coach working with clients. Lance is President of Oppna Executive and Achievement Coaching, co-author of Accelerating Leadership.

You’ll discover:

  • The 2 key people to involve in a leader’s coaching experience (besides the leader and the coach)
  • How to structure an alignment meeting to ensure everyone understands and commits to their respective roles
  • What you can do to ensure all the stakeholders stay engaged with the coaching process
  • Why these elements contribute to the establishment of a coaching culture within the organization
  • How to use assessments to determine the areas of focus for a specific leader and to measure improvements

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