GSL 360

GSL 360 is a user-friendly, customizable and economical way for people to give 360 feedback in the workplace.



All questions are observable behaviors—nothing is inferred or implied.


• Survey items
• Scales
• Comments
• Rater types
• Recommended Actions and Resources


Intuitive interfaces and instructions makes survey setup and administration easy.


Assess the 10 communication skills most needed to create strong, effective relationships.


Essential and expanded surveys for:

• Top 10 Communication Skills
• Executive Leadership
• Team Leadership
• Personal Leadership


All communication and leadership skills include:

• Recommendations for Development
• Follow-up Actions
• Resources


Our reports offer an array of possible layouts. Easily customize them or create your own.


We’re committed to your success, and you’ll experience world-class service.

Resources for the Participants

This complete system includes all the resources you need for setting up surveys and facilitating the process. And these four videos provide guidance for all participants.

Learn what 360 feedback is and the process involved for successful implementation in your organization.

Learn why giving 360 feedback is valuable to another person and five tips for giving comments that will help the feedback recipient understand their strengths and top areas for development.

Learn the benefits of receiving 360 feedback and five tips that will help you make the most of your report.

Learn why coaching is necessary for the continuous development of individuals who’ve received 360 feedback and five tips for being an effective coach.

These two books can assist with the all-important next step once the 360 process is complete: the ongoing effort to improve specific skills that impact work relationships and results.

Connect with Your Team

Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills

Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D.,  and Meredith M. Bell

Peer Coaching Made Simple

How to Do the 6 Things That Matter Most When Helping Someone Improve a Skill

Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D.,  and Meredith M. Bell


Top 10 communication skills

Effective communication is the #1 issue for people at all levels in the workplace. Find out who is mastering these skills and who needs development.

Executive development

Assess executives and senior management on strategic planning skills, communicating vision and direction, promoting ethics and other executive skills.

Individual skill development

Individuals in non-leadership positions can be assessed on personal leadership skills such as problem solving, team cooperation listening and others.

Leadership development

Diagnose skill strengths and areas for development of managers and supervisors.

Managers’ coaching skills

Find out how effective managers are at coaching their direct reports about on-the-job performance.

Needs Assessment

Study performance data to decide where to invest for development programs.

We’ve been in the 360 business for more than 30 years.

Our programs are based on the neuroscience of learning.

We understand what it takes to change behavior.

Many clients have been with us for more than 25 years.

More than a million people worldwide have participated in our
360-degree feedback surveys.


I have used the 360 system with companies worldwide, ranging from  individual employee 360s up to 7,500+ employees within an organization! Never have I encountered a single problem in the system. And the customization allows you total control of what becomes ‘your 360 project!’ It is a truly remarkable, consistent and always reliable system. Most importantly, our clients love using the GSL 360.

Graham Da Costa

CEO, Shine Feedback Limited

Pioneers and Disruptors of 360 Surveys

What separates GSL from everyone else is their deep-rooted culture of support and genuinely wanting everyone to succeed. Everyone is part of a supportive ‘Family.’ It’s why clients frequently remain for decades. We simply love being part of their family.

Alex and Julie Kulesza

Co-Founders, Stow Park

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