GSL 360

GSL SkillBuilder is an online self-paced leadership development program that strengthens communication skills and character skills—which are at the heart of emotional intelligence and your organization’s core values.


Needed to create strong, effective relationships


Behavior patterns that help leaders do the hard, effective, and right things when dealing with many leadership challenges

GSL 360

In a busy workplace…

…Your leaders usually don’t have time to think before they react. They respond with skills and habits they’ve already established.

…Effective communication skills enable them to connect with their teams.

…Character skills empower your leaders to make the right decisions and do the hard things.

…To stick with the skill-building process, they need the encouragement and support of a coaching partner.

GSL SkillBuilder supports your leaders’ growth with these resources:

  • Practices for working on each skill

  • Brief learning videos related to each skill

  • Three books that support their learning with suggestions for practice:

      • Connect with Your Team—10 high-impact leader-team communication skills

      • Grow Strong Character—36 character skills organized in three areas: self, relationships, and work ethic

      • Peer Coaching Made Simple—a brief guide for coaching partners