Tired of attending (live or virtual) networking events that waste your time? Find out how to radically change your thinking and your efforts in my interview with Amy Evans. As a serial entrepreneur, Amy has discovered the magic of leveraging and cultivating relationships in growing each of her businesses. She’s applied these strategies in the structure of her AlignWomen mastermind groups, with excellent results. You’ll love the energy and passion behind all the ideas Amy shares!

Amy is the founder of AlignWomen, a leadership and networking organization for professional women, and the host of The AlignWomen Podcast. She’s also the President of Colibri Insurance Services, a boutique insurance agency that simplifies employee benefits for employers in Southern California.

You’ll discover:

  • Why most networking groups don’t lead to effective business development
  • A virtual mastermind structure that generates business for each member
  • Strategies (not sales techniques) Amy has used to effectively sell her services
  • Why a focus on “alignment” is key to networking with intention
  • How to create social media posts that your ideal clients will respond to

Watch the episode:


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