027: How Your Beliefs Can Hold You Back or Set You Free

by Barbara Daoust

Do you ever wish for more than you have in life but don’t allow yourself to believe it’s really possible? My guest Barbara Daoust is a success coach who helps clients break through limiting beliefs around money and their ability to achieve higher levels of performance. In this interview, she shares specific, practical ideas for expanding your self-image so to increase your income and achievements. Barbara’s unique background includes 25 years in Theatre Arts, Film and Television as a director, acting coach, writer, and producer.

You’ll discover:

  • What’s required to identify past beliefs that have interfered with your success
  • How to take control of your negative thoughts and feelings
  • How to use positive affirmations to engage your mind and emotions
  • What you can do to get in a perpetual state of gratitude
  • A powerful exercise for releasing judgments and forgiving yourself or others

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