Here’s what you get with Strong for Performance:

One Administrator Dashboard – $995 (includes your own user subscription).

User Subscriptions – $395/person/year

The Administrator Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard is used to manage the program. You can…

  Assign and manage multiple user subscriptions

  Import names and email addresses

  Set up user groups and pre-assign group members to each other’s Coaching Networks

  Monitor program usage by user

  Add links to your own custom content

  Send messages to users by group

  Assign administrator rights to other users

  Brand the program with your company name and logo

What Users get with their one-year subscription

Virtual coaching 24/7 with…

  The Focus-Action-Reflection process for developing new habits

  Two dozen people skills videos with exercises and resources

  7 types of multi-media exercises for 40 personal strength areas

  A virtual personal trainer that guides them to take action and learn from their experiences

  A secure, confidential archive for all their completed exercises

Power tools…

  Their own private Coaching Network of individuals they choose

  A secure, confidential archive for all their completed exercises

  Ability to ask for feedback, suggestions and advice from people who care about their success