221: Wisdom from The Ultimate Joy Goddess

Do you ever struggle to find joy in your life? My guest Cordelia Gaffar is a master of guiding clients to discover the joy within, and that’s why she has the title, Ultimate Joy Goddess.

Through her own life experiences (which include many years in the corporate world followed by being a mother of 6 children and homeschooling for 18 years), Cordelia now serves as an executive transformation coach. She helps clients learn to nurture themselves by using a process she calls Four Mind Alignment.

Cordelia has won multiple awards for her 8 books and 2 podcasts, along with other awards like the Brainz Global 500 Award of Influencers and Entrepreneurs for 2021.

You’ll discover:

  • How Cordelia defines joy
  • What gets in the way of self-care
  • The five practices of self-nurturing that lead to joy
  • How to respond when negative feelings arise within you
  • Why Cordelia advises, “Pause for the cause of you”

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