061: The Superpower We All Have to Create an Extraordinary Life

by Darren Gold

Are some of your existing beliefs about yourself or about the world holding you back? If so, you’ll love the many gold nuggets Darren Gold shares in this interview! This is a man who faced serious, adverse situations while growing up yet was determined to prevail and make his life a success. Today Darren is Managing Partner of The Trium Group, where he serves as an executive coach to the CEOs of many of the world’s most influential companies. His excellent book, Master Your Code: The Art, Wisdom, and Science of Leading an Extraordinary Life, explains how to identify old programs that are holding you back and invites you to adopt new approaches that serve you better.

You’ll discover:

  • Why all our beliefs are made up…and how you can expand them
  • What it really means to take 100% responsibility for your own choices
  • The power of forgiveness to release old resentments and hurts
  • The most important thing you can do to connect deeply with another person
  • How Darren uses Identity Reconstruction to help leaders increase their effectiveness

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