136: Wisdom from the Cage Rattler about Healing Life’s Pain

How can you work through the inevitable pain that you experience in life…and emerge stronger and more powerful? Dr. Bridget Cooper knows a thing or two about that. She endured unthinkable physical, emotional and sexual abuse from infancy and throughout her teen years. She overcame incredible odds to become a powerful voice for living life fully, no matter what adversity you’ve had in your past.

Dr. B is the bestselling author of six books including Little Landslides, which is her personal memoir of rising up through trauma. She’s created a proven process for being a Pain Rebel, empowering clients around the world to reclaim their power…and peace. Our conversation centered around this process, which she describes in her latest book, Pain Rebel: How We Take Our Power Back.

You’ll discover:

  • Why Dr. B refers to herself as a cage rattler
  • The importance of eliminating “should” from your thoughts and words
  • How to identify and eliminate old “contracts” so you can enter into new, healthier ones
  • The roles that Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors have in forming new contracts
  • The important distinction Dr. B makes between wounds and scars

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