131: Transforming Brilliant Jerks into Inspiring Leaders

Have you ever worked for a very smart but very toxic boss? Dr. Katrina Burrus specializes in helping these kinds of leaders become more aware of their problem behaviors and adopt new ones that inspire people to perform at their best. You’ll love hearing about her style and approach, which focuses on strengths and strategies for building productive relationships…instead of weaknesses that need to be fixed or overcome.

Katrina is the CEO and founder of Excellent Executive Coaching. She’s a keynote speaker and author of 3 books, including Managing Brilliant Jerks: How Organizations and Coaches Can Transform Difficult Leaders into Powerful Visionaries. She’s also the host of the Excellent Executive Coaching Podcast, which I highly recommend you subscribe to.

You’ll discover:

  • How Katrina defines “brilliant jerk”
  • The difference between a brilliant jerk and a demanding leader
  • The process Katrina uses to help a leader become aware of behaviors that are causing problems for others
  • The impact on performance of those who work for a caustic boss vs a great leader
  • What Katrina does to ensure that new leaders succeed

Watch the episode:

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