138: Become Calmer, More Mindful, and Less Overwhelmed

Do you ever struggle with overwhelm and feel stressed? My guest Fran Keogh understands those feelings. She helps clients reduce those negative states by simplifying their decisions and their lives. Fran also “gets” the perfectionism and procrastination that keep someone from achieving the results they seek. In fact, her coaching practice focuses on assisting busy professionals to build a better life in order to have more time, fun, and freedom.

Over the years, Fran has reinvented herself multiple times—from radio host, voice-over talent, “domestic goddess” (aka at-home mother of four), alpaca farmer, yoga teacher, health coach, to business life coach and speaker. This is a lively conversation with a very special human being who’s learned many lessons from her varied experiences.


You’ll discover:

  • How Fran helps clients identify and work through overwhelm
  • What’s behind the fear that often drives us
  • How to practice mindfulness in your daily life
  • Why Fran does not hesitate to ASK for what she wants

Watch the episode:

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