023: Build a Competition-Proof Coaching Business

by Jason “JG” Goldberg

Do you struggle to compete with other professionals in your same industry? Block time for my interview with Jason Goldberg to find out how to set yourself apart so YOU are the one your ideal clients choose to work with. Jason explains three simple pillars that can help you demonstrate your uniqueness and acquire clients more easily. He shares examples of his clients (coaches and consultants) who’ve achieved dramatic results from implementing a few simple strategies. Get out your pen and get ready to learn from a real master.  

You’ll discover:

  • How to create huge impact without competing on price, popularity or parlor tricks
  • Why many of the marketing programs that coaches invest in don’t work
  • How staying in your comfort zone can actually SERVE you and your clients better.
  • Why “turning pro” is about mindset more than your credentials or content
  • How one client got 10,000 views, 1,000+ likes and 700 comments on a single LinkedIn post by telling her story in a compelling way

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