014: Build Deep Relationships That Create Loyal Clients

by Jody Holland

Ready for a boatload of practical tips you can use to acquire and keep more clients? Jody Holland is a fire hose of ideas! In the past 20 years, he’s published 20+ books, been a keynote speaker 300+ times and trained almost 300,000 leaders. Jody shares the approach he takes in conversations that cause people to ask how they can work with him. No chasing or pushing involved!

You’ll discover:

  • What Jody did to generate a six-figure income his first year in business
  • Metrics you can use to help quantify the ROI clients get when they work with you
  • How to create multiple internal champions so you don’t lose a client if someone leaves
  • The exact words you can use to ask for (and get!) referrals
  • How Jody uses his face-reading skills to identify his most promising prospective clients on LinkedIn

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