040: Bring a Fresh Perspective to Relationships You Already Have

by Katie Bishop

Have you ever started working on a project with someone you have a history with…and allowed your previous interactions with the person to influence the attitude you bring to the current situation? My guest Katie Bishop has. She recently co-authored a book, The Best Seller, with her father. In this interview we explore why this project took five years and how her view of her dad changed as they interacted and as she interviewed people he had mentored. The lessons she shares can be applied to any relationships, at home or at work. You’ll love hearing the new appreciation Katie developed for her father during this work, and you’ll likely re-think the way you view some of the people in your life.

You’ll discover:

  • An approach for defining roles when you’re embarking on a new project with someone
  • How to resolve differences and get into a successful rhythm when working with others
  • Ways to communicate when two people disagree in order to honor both parties’ opinions
  • How to create realistic dialogues when writing articles or books that involve people having a conversation
  • Why “going slow” at first can help you “go fast” later

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