128: How to Expand Your Mindset and Trust Your Intuition

Want to upgrade your mindset and learn to trust your intuition more? Kc Rossi shares powerful insights that will help you expand your thinking about what’s possible for you. Be ready to take notes because you’ll want to capture, remember, and apply a boatload of ideas from this powerful interview. Kc’s own experience as an entrepreneur for 30 years has prepared her for the work she does as a Business & Mindset Coach who helps high-achieving women entrepreneurs go from people-pleasing burned-out perfectionists to profitable powerhouses.

A full-time entrepreneur since 1991, Kc has built 6 and 7+ figure businesses. She’s the Founder of The Soulprint Method®, a system that combines energy, mindset, and spirituality. She’s also the talented host of Women Developing Brilliance – the Spirit of Business Podcast, where she combines interviews with seasons entrepreneurs with her own rich solocasts.

You’ll discover:

  • How self-trust expands your intuitive capabilities
  • Why you need to expand your mindset instead of looking for “another stinking strategy”
  • What you can do to have fun as you pursue ambitious goals and personal growth
  • The value of slowing down and giving your inner wisdom a chance to speak to you

Watch the episode:

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