185: From College Professor to Developer of Leaders

What’s it like to discover your true calling? Laura Coons, Ph.D., began her career teaching at the college level and then transitioned to the corporate world…and that’s where she found true joy. Laura bubbles over with enthusiasm when talking about her work, and you’ll hear that in our conversation.

Laura is the Senior Director of Learning at Frontdoor, a company that’s on a mission to make home ownership simple. Throughout her career there’s been the thread of servant leadership. She’s truly passionate about her role as a leader and committed to the development of future leaders.

You’ll discover:

  • Why Laura made the transition from higher education to the corporate world
  • The adjustments she needed to make to be successful in that new environment
  • The most important aspect of a leader’s role with members of their team
  • Three pillars that are the foundation for a strong, effective leader
  • How Laura has grown as a leader over the years

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