056: What to Do When Life Requires You to Change

by Lisa Berkovitz

Have you ever felt like you were forcing yourself to fulfill the life others expected you to live? Be prepared to take a fresh look at your life in this wonderful interview with my guest Lisa Berkovitz. She shares how to connect with your true nature, expand your view of your capabilities, and show up as your best self in the world.  Lisa is the Founder of Let Soul Lead, where she provides leadership coaching for conscious leaders and their teams. You’ll find her to be inspiring and wise!

You’ll discover:

  • What Lisa has done to adjust to life with COVID19
  • How to tune out the noise (both inside and outside your head) so you can listen to the voice of your higher self
  • Why being utterly clear about who you serve will draw the right people to you
  • What can happen when you get in touch with who you truly are and discover how to use your gifts in the world

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