Do your beliefs about what’s possible for you ever hold you back? If so, my interview with Dr. Lisa Walker is a must-listen. You’ll love hearing her passion and stories as she describes her own breakthroughs and the ways she helps clients with theirs. Lisa is a Psychologist and Leadership Development Expert as well as an ICF Master Certified Coach, and a Columbia University Certified Executive Coach. She’s also an advanced level Mediator and Facilitator, helping leaders navigate crucial conversations.

Lisa has worked on large-scale leadership initiatives for clients in over 30 countries. She has a knack for coaching executives to achieve positive, measurable change in their leadership behaviors while delivering on business results and nurturing and growing their people. Her clients include Dell, Amazon, Target and IBM.

You’ll discover:

  • How Lisa applies her background as a psychologist to coaching leaders
  • The top challenges leaders are facing right now…and what Lisa says and does to help them achieve breakthroughs
  • Success stories of clients who’ve abandoned their limiting beliefs to embrace their true potential
  • The life-altering lessons Lisa learned when she successfully reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa

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