169: The Power of Compassion and Connection in Healthcare

What does powerful leadership in healthcare look and sound like? My guest Liz Bruno describes the qualities and behaviors that matter most when creating a culture where everyone thrives. You’ll want to catch every minute of this interview because Liz drops wisdom bombs throughout our entire conversation.

Liz is the Vice President and Chief Learning Officer at Baptist Health System in Jacksonville, Florida. She’s an advanced practice psychiatric nurse who’s held leadership positions in learning and development for a number of health systems in the Southeast. Since joining Baptist Health in 2015, Liz and her team have designed and implemented innovative programs in both the clinical and leadership development arenas.

You’ll discover:

  • The distinction Liz makes between empathy and compassion
  • The negative impact that fatigue has on a leader’s behavior
  • Why self-awareness is a critical component of effective leader
  • Why Liz says everyone needs a coach
  • How Baptist Health helps employees connect with each other and with patients

Watch the episode:

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