009: Take Risks to Acquire Clients Who Pay What You’re Worth

by Marc Mawhinney

Many “gurus” are giving coaches and consultants some bad advice by discouraging them from actually coaching, according to my guest Marc Mawhinney. And Marc should know. He’s worked directly with hundreds of coaches since 2014 and has a popular Facebook group, The Coaching Jungle, with 16,000+ members. In this interview Marc explains why it’s important to first build up a base of client fans who get fabulous results from working with you before you attempt to create other revenue sources, such as online courses. Marc also shares many of the strategies he uses with his own coaching clients to help them achieve their goals.

You’ll discover:

  • How to keep your business development simple with 3 pillars
  • 5 criteria Mark has created for evaluating his ideal clients
  • How to identify a niche to focus on
  • Why your social media efforts may not be getting the results you hope for
  • Why it’s okay to be controversial in the positions you take

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