204: How Leaders Inspire, Connect, and Achieve at Ball Corporation

What happens if you refer to new initiatives in scientific terms like “experiment” and “test”? That’s exactly what Mark Kaestner, Ed.D., does at Ball Corporation. You’ll be fascinated to learn how that approach ensures success later, when scaling the program. Mark also explains why continuous feedback is a critical piece of the process.

Mark is Vice President of Talent Development, Learning and Development, People Analytics and Transformation at Ball. He has more than twenty years of executive experience in these fields with companies like Coca-Cola and Graphic Packaging. Mark finds it exhilarating to have the opportunity to impact leaders and employees through talent solutions, and you’ll feel his enthusiasm come through in this conversation.

You’ll discover:

  • 3 core values that drive behavior and performance at Ball
  • Why Mark uses the words “experimenting” and “testing” with initial implementation of a new program instead of “pilot”
  • How continuous feedback is used by managers coaching employees and by employees giving upward feedback
  • The 3 power questions that managers are encouraged to ask employees in their monthly meetings
  • The key lessons Mark has learned in his own growth as a leader

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