045: Coaching Yourself through Crisis

by Pamela Cournoyer

Have you or someone you know had to deal with a serious health issue? My guest Pamela Cournoyer faced Stage 4 Lymphoma in 2012, and she is thriving today. In this interview she describes her journey from diagnosis to recovery and talks about how she uses this experience and insight in her work with clients today. Pamela is an internationally recognized conflict management maven, and her specialties include mastering mindset, boundary setting, and resolving conflict.

You’ll discover:

  • What a friend said that shocked Pamela into creating a recovery plan
  • Why she put together a team of coaches to help her through treatment and recovery of her illness
  • How Pamela helps clients change their perspective about past failures so they appreciate these experiences as gifts
  • The Serenity Process Pamela uses to guide clients to slow down, think clearly and get past roadblocks

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