034: Experience the Good, Bad and Ugly in Life and Stay Calm in the Process

by Rachel Langer

Do you have clients who get stuck and aren’t sure what to do? And do you sometimes have that feeling yourself? My guest Rachel Langer offers practical tips for handling many of life’s universal challenges. You’ll love her down-to-earth style and openness about situations in her own life. Rachel is a professional coach who works with individuals, couples, corporate teams and executives. She’s also the author of a wonderful book, Until Now, which we discuss in her interview.

You’ll discover:

  • How you can use fear to motivate you to take action
  • The difference between pain and suffering
  • Questions you can ask your clients – or yourself – to achieve greater insights
  • Why it’s better to be an owner instead of a victim…and when it’s okay to be a victim anyway
  • How to slow down and allow time and space for creativity

Watch the episode: