037: How to Network to Get A Steady Stream of Introductions, Referrals and Sales

by Steven Crawford

Want to find out how to network so effectively that you regularly get introductions to your ideal clients? Come prepared to take notes as you listen to my interview with Steven Crawford, as he reveals many of the brilliant strategies he uses to land more clients. Steven is the Director of Sales and a senior consultant with McGee Productivity Solutions based in Denver, Colorado. He manages a team of 12 consultants who have responsibility for sales in addition to the delivery of their consulting services. You’ll love Steve’s approach to getting introductions, asking for referrals and building a powerful relationship in your initial conversation with a prospect.

You’ll discover:

  • How to replace a selling mindset with one focused on relationship-building
  • One question you can ask to open a conversation that’s guaranteed to engage the other person immediately
  • Two obstacles that can hold you back from making appointments…and how to get past them
  • Steve’s very effective process for requesting referrals, researching the referred person and then following up with both people
  • Innovative ways you can use LinkedIn to become known by your potential clients

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