119: Use Stories for Expert Positioning with Your Book or Presentation

119: Use Stories for Expert Positioning with Your Book or Presentation

How can you tell stories that draw people in, enhance your credibility and don’t send the audience running? Ann Sheybani has the answer, and she shares her wisdom in great detail in this interview. Ann excels in helping speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs write and publish books that attract their ideal clients and make them stand out from the rest. You will love her truth-telling, direct approach in describing what works…and what doesn’t.

Ann is the Founder of Summit Press Publishers and The Influential Author. She’s also the author of How to Eat the Elephant: Build Your Book in Bite-Sized Steps. Ann received a Masters degree in Creative Writing and Literature from Harvard University and is a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach.  She currently resides in rural Ireland with her husband and a former guest on my podcast, Walt Hampton. Ann and Walt together run Summit Success, a global business and personal development consultancy.

You’ll discover:

  • Why storytelling is such a critical component of a book or speech
  • Mistakes that authors and speakers often make around stories
  • The kinds of stories you may be reluctant to tell…but will have strong persuasion power
  • How one client almost lost a book deal because she was going to omit her most powerful story

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