118: Find Your Voice and Change Your Life

118: Find Your Voice and Change Your Life

Do you ever hesitate to speak up in a meeting or in a situation that you perceive to be risky? My guest Dr. Doreen Downing shares practical, valuable tips that can make those moments more comfortable and enjoyable for you. You’ll love Doreen’s approach to helping people identify their negative thoughts and beliefs that prevent them from feeling safe about speaking up. In conquering her own stage fright, she discovered being connected to your authentic self is the key to relaxed and confident speaking.

Doreen is a Psychologist, Founder of the Essential Speaking Institute, and host of the podcast, Find Your Voice, Change Your Life. Her experience as a therapist helps her create a safe space for clients who want to get past the fears and doubts that have held them back from being their authentic selves. Doreen now specializes in the treatment of public speaking anxiety.

You’ll discover:

  • How Doreen’s training as a psychologist helps her in her work with clients
  • The fears that prevent people from offering their opinions and ideas in meetings or risky situations
  • How to recognize when you’re being authentic so you speak with great confidence
  • Why Doreen uses the word BE as the first word in each of her 7 steps
  • What’s required to BE Silent and quiet a busy mind

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