112: Ingaging Leadership Meets the Younger Generation

112: Ingaging Leadership Meets the Younger Generation

Want to create a new perspective about the younger generation in the workplace? You must listen to my conversation with Evan Hackel! Evan is on fire about the value these young people bring to work. You’ll discover why he says, “Millennials are the best workers who have ever entered the workforce, and Generation Z will only be better.” Evan also describes the detailed process his company uses to interview and hire new employees…and the excellent results they’ve achieved.

Evan is the CEO of Tortal Training, a leading training development company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tortal is on the cutting edge when it comes to the creation of mobile training platforms for organizations with distributed workforces. Evan is also Founder and Principal of Ingage Consulting, a management and leadership consulting firm located in Woburn, Massachusetts. And he’s the author of a wonderful book, Ingaging Leadership Meets the Younger Generation.

You’ll discover:

  • The distinction Evan makes between Ingagement and Engagement
  • The unique strengths that younger workers can bring to your organization
  • Ways that Millennials and Gen Z generations are different
  • What type of training young people respond best to
  • How to onboard new hires so they become part of your culture faster

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