186: Leading from The Presidential Principles

186: Leading from The Presidential Principles

186: Leading from The Presidential Principles

What leaders in your life have had the greatest impact on your thinking and behavior? Anton Gunn can name five different U.S. Presidents who’ve personally influenced him.

These interactions form the basis of the seven principles in his bestselling book, The Presidential Principles. Anton served as a senior advisor for healthcare in the Obama Administration, and that President inspired him to find more ways to be of service to others.

Anton is the CEO of 937 Strategy Group, a consulting firm focused on helping leaders build diverse, high-performing teams, and world-class workplace culture. Anton was recently named one of the Ten Most Influential Minority Executives in Healthcare by Fierce Healthcare, and he’s the world’s leading expert on Socially Conscious Leadership.

You’ll discover:

  • The two leadership lessons Anton learned from his first boss that transformed his life
  • How Anton redirected his life purpose after the death of his brother
  • What he discovered about the U.S. healthcare system that motivated him to become an advocate for change
  • How Anton became a senior advisor to President Barack Obama
  • The one Presidential Principle that serves as that foundation of all the others

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