156: What It Means to Lead from the Core

156: What It Means to Lead from the Core

156: What It Means to Lead from the Core

What if every CEO understood that their title really stands for Chief Environmental Officer?

My guest Jay Steinfeld makes the case that the #1 role of a CEO is to create a culture that helps people thrive and achieve their potential. He should know. His company maintained an astonishingly low turnover rate of 8% throughout his years of leadership.

Find out how this exceptional leader built a healthy workplace that encouraged people to evolve continuously, experiment without fear of failure, express themselves, and enjoy the ride along the way.

Jay was founder and CEO of Blinds.com, the world’s number one online window covering retailer, that was acquired by The Home Deport in 2014. Jay remained on as its CEO and later joined The Home Depot Online Leadership Team. He stepped away from these positions in early 2020 and has RE-WIRED himself for new roles as advisor or Board member for several companies.

You’ll discover:

  • How Jay brought the 4 Es to life everyone in the company
  • The practices that helped Jay and his team hire the right people
  • What leaders can do to make it safe for people to take risks
  • Why generosity and gratitude are two of Jay’s core values
  • Ways that Jay instilled fun and humor so people actually enjoyed coming to work

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