207: Building Trust at Penn State Health

207: Building Trust at Penn State Health

207: Building Trust at Penn State Health

Have you ever gone on a Listening Tour? That’s what Hillary Miller did in her first 3 months at Penn State Health in her role as Chief Learning Officer. What she learned in her conversations with hundreds of people allowed her and her team to design programs that were relevant and well received.

Hillary has also set up a Learning Council across the organization that enables people in all types of positions to have a voice. You will love the types of questions Hillary shares throughout this conversation that encourage people to speak openly and build strong trust.

You’ll discover:

  • The 4 questions Hillary asked each person she met with during your listening tour
  • What Hillary has done to build trust and high performance with her own team
  • The weekly Development Sessions Hillary and her team have…and how she’s expanding them to other parts of the organization
  • The growth she went through to make it easy for her to say “I’m not perfect” and “I made a mistake”
  • Why Hillary is a big believer in humor and laughter

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