231: Dr. Octopus Talks Nonlinear Thinking

231: Dr. Octopus Talks Nonlinear Thinking

231: Dr. Octopus Talks Nonlinear Thinking

Do you consider yourself a nonlinear thinker…or do you know someone who is? Perry Knoppert, aka Dr. Octopus, shares important insights that all of us need to hear in order to better understand these individuals. They are often seen as “curious misfits,” and many of their talents are overlooked in the workplace.

This is a must-listen episode for everyone. We have all been guilty of judging or even cancelling others because they don’t think and act the way 80% of the rest of us do.

Perry is an artist of life, driven by his non-conformist spirit and a passion for empowering non-linear thinkers. He was born in the free-spirited Netherlands and was exposed to the diversity of the market while selling lampshades with his father. But Perry yearned for more, and he discovered the beauty of unexpected possibilities in living abroad in places like Beijing, China. After a huge shift in his life, he founded The Octopus Movement, a global network that has become a mycelium of nonlinear thinkers.

Perry embraces his ADHD energy, dyslexic learning style, and multi-tasking brain. He’s found his true calling as a visionary, a trailblazer, and a true-life artist. His movement is on a mission to get the world to recognize and harness the gifts of non-linear thinkers.

The Octopus Movement has grown to include more than 2,600 members from over 63 countries. What they have in common is this: They approach problem-solving in unconventional ways, often bringing unique creativity to entrepreneurship, the arts, and other careers.

You’ll discover:

  • What distinguishes nonlinear thinkers from those who think in a more linear way
  • Strengths and gifts these individuals bring to the workplace
  • How to structure a conversation between a nonlinear thinker and their manager
  • Reasons why people tend to judge or cancel nonlinear thinkers
  • What it looks like to be a nonlinear leader

Watch the episode:

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