272: Taking a Stand for the Possibility in Others

272: Taking a Stand for the Possibility in Others

272: Taking a Stand for the Possibility in Others

Imagine how you’d feel if someone recognized your true potential—beyond what you thought was possible—and guided you to grow into it. That’s what Caroline Hughes does with each client she coaches. She meets them where they are, gets clarity about where they want to go, and that destination becomes her place to stand for them. You will be inspired as you listen to Caroline describe her process, and you’ll see how you can do this for each person on your team.

Caroline is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Leadership Development, based in Ireland. She became a global director at the age of 39 and held senior executive positions across a range of sectors, delivering large-scale transformation. Caroline now works with highly talented senior executives to create compelling visions for their teams and increase their impact and outcomes.

Caroline takes a powerful stand at the intersection of leadership and personal development. She believes that organizations are rich academies in which we learn all the skills and capabilities we need to be powerful leaders and human beings.

You’ll discover:

  • The evolution that Caroline has seen in the role of leaders over the past 20 years
  • Ways that we lose our power and how to reclaim it
  • What Caroline does to help clients discover for themselves the changes they need to make
  • Why it’s important to meet others where they are and not where we think they “should” be
  • How to be a stand for the possibility in others

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