088: Master Your Inner Critic to Create a Fulfilling Life

088: Master Your Inner Critic to Create a Fulfilling Life

Have you taken time to discover the real reasons for negative beliefs you hold about yourself…or others? Listen closely to this interview with Chris Salem, who explains how to discover the root cause of issues you experience in life. He shares his own journey out of co-dependency to interdependency. Chris is CEO of CRS Group Holdings, working with companies to create a thriving culture starting with a growth mindset foundation. He’s the author of the international best seller Master Your Inner Critic: Resolve the Root Cause and Create Prosperity, and host of the weekly radio show, Sustainable Success. Chris is also CEO and Co-Founder of Empowering Fathers in Action, a non-profit dedicated to building strong father-son relationships.

You’ll discover:

  • Two tools you can use to identify what’s behind any unhappiness or dissatisfaction you may be feeling about your life
  • Why a growth mindset is critical to your happiness and success
  • What you can do to detach from the outcome while still expecting a positive result
  • How to become a trusted advisor with potential clients

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