036: Increase Your Sales with Honest and Effective Conversations

by Todd Holzman

Want to find out the two big mistakes that leaders and salespeople make in the area of communications? You’ll learn the answer in my interview with guest, Todd Holzman, CEO of Holzman & Company. Over the past 25 years, Todd has worked with 25,000 leaders and salespeople to help them improve the quality of their conversations. He’s discovered that, across all industries, countries and cultures, there are two errors that get people into trouble. Todd doesn’t leave you hanging about the solution. He shares a simple three-step process for structuring conversations that keep your potential clients engaged and build your credibility…and this process works equally well with friends and family. Todd and his 13-person global faculty consult to some of the world’s best companies in the Fortune 100 and Global 1000.

You’ll discover:

  • How taking a risk by telling a potential client the truth helped Todd land his first big contract
  • The importance of having conversations that uncover the real issues
  • Why it’s helpful to talk with potential clients as if they’ve already hired you
  • The kinds of questions you can ask to reflect an attitude that’s kind, gracious and shows empathy
  • How to make yourself confrontable so clients see that you’re comfortable in being wrong

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