193: ZoomInfo’s Extraordinary Approach to Customer Onboarding & Education

Have you ever invested in technology, only to find yourself frustrated when trying to learn how to use it? Tom Studdert and his team at ZoomInfo have created a new customer experience that ensures their success. Tom shares lots of nuggets you can apply to the onboarding of new clients and employees.

Tom Studdert is the Vice President of Customer Onboarding & Education at ZoomInfo where he oversees the comprehensive onboarding program with a focus on early adoption of the ZoomInfo suite of products. Before joining ZoomInfo, Tom spent 20 years in Higher Education serving as an Assistant Dean of Student Development at Texas Christian University and a Director of New Student Orientation at the University of Southern California.

You’ll discover:

  • The strengths Tom brought from his experiences in higher education to his role at ZoomInfo
  • How Tom and his team build scaffolding into all customer education programs
  • How Customer Education differs from Customer Training and Customer Service
  • What Tom and his team do to provide extraordinary experiences when onboarding new customers
  • The values that the CEO models and advocates for everyone in the company

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