126: Create Relationships and Connections That Build Long-term Success

What’s required to create relationships that are personally and financially rewarding? My guest Tyler Wagner has answers because connecting people is his superpower. A college drop-out and a door-to-door salesman, Tyler did not follow the typical path to a successful career. Since an early age, he’s known how to make friends and strategic introductions. It took him a while to figure out how to build a business around that, and today he has an incredible network of people who love helping him succeed. In our conversation, he shares ideas that you can adopt for your own business or career.

Tyler is the Head Honcho at Authors Unite where he and his team help authors with all aspects of book writing, publishing and promotion—and that includes getting on best-seller lists of publications like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. He’s also host of The Tyler Wagner Show, where I’ve been a guest, and he’s recorded almost 2,000 episodes.

You’ll discover:

  • What Tyler’s experience with door-to-door sales taught him about business
  • A key question to ask yourself up-front so you avoid taking “No” as a personal rejection
  • How to use curiosity to learn, grow, and create strong relationships
  • Why Tyler thinks in terms of complementing and not competing with related vendors
  • Mistakes to avoid if you’re considering writing a book or publishing one you’ve already written

Watch the episode:

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