Would you like to take your performance to the next level? My guest Dre “All Day” Baldwin has learned what it takes to do just that. Since 2005, Dre has built a content publishing empire! Since 2006, he’s produced 7,000+ YouTube videos with more than 73 million views. He’s authored 27 books and has given 4 TED talks. In this interview we discuss his latest book, Work On Your Game, and the four principles that have guided his actions since college. You’ll love Dre’s passion, substance and stories!

You’ll discover:

  • The importance of understanding The Third Day as it relates to discipline
  • Why asking “Who do I need to BE?” Is such a powerful question in developing confidence
  • How mental toughness served Dre in his goal to be a professional basketball player
  • Ways you can use personal initiative to achieve the results you want

Watch the episode:


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