260: Discover the Matrix with Integrity

Do you remember Neo’s choice of the blue pill or the red pill in the movie, The Matrix? Angela Cusack explores this choice in the context of leaders and their ability to decide on the level of integrity they want to have with themselves and with others. It all hinges on the desire to break through illusions that keep us safe and do the work to become more self-aware through deep reflection.

In this important conversation, Angela shares key concepts from her book, Discover The Matrix, Integrity: The True Mark of Leadership. She shares her own journey, as well as some of her clients, in discovering how to “explore the space between.”

Angela is the founder of Igniting Success and she’s often called a company’s secret weapon – she works with C-suite execs & what she does is so transformative that it impacts the entire organization.

She’s a Master Certified Coach and has provided mentor coaching and supervision for coaches over the past 15 years to help them prepare for certification as PCC or MCC.

You’ll discover:

  • How the book’s title and contents tie in with the movie, The Matrix
  • Why Angela says integrity with self is the starting point of having integrity with others
  • What Angela means by “exploring the space between” and why it’s important for leader
  • The illusions we can have about ourselves that hold us back
  • Why “permission to unzip” is vital to becoming an authentic leader

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Discover The Matrix, Integrity: The True Mark of Leadership
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