242: How to Achieve Rapid Transformation

When you think of change management, do you imagine a process that takes months or years? Think again. Angela Priest is an extraordinarily skilled facilitator whose 3-day workshops produce immediate and lasting impact. You’ll be inspired as you hear Angela describe her approach, where she involves the right people and gets buy-in from key influencers. You’ll want to take notes to capture all the valuable ideas she shares.

Angela is a seasoned executive and operational strategist with a 20-year track record of improving business operations and leading transformative change in technology, SaaS, and digital service industries. As the former head of performance improvement at J.D. Power, she restructured the customer delivery operating model, improving quality, performance, and time-to-value, as part of a strategy that led to a $1.1bn exit.

Angela’s experience extends across a company’s life cycle, from startup through enterprise. As the Founder of Groyu LLC, she provides advisory services to help businesses navigate the intersection between employee needs and operational performance, guiding organizations to scale their businesses, while bolstering employee engagement, customer retention, and profitability through improved operational design strategies. Her simple, pragmatic approach expedites workflows and reduces costs to establish a firm foundation for sustainable business growth.

You’ll discover:

  • Experiences Angela had in the corporate world that led her to the work she does today
  • How to blend employee needs with high operational performance
  • The 3-day workshop format that Angela uses to achieve rapid transformations with her clients
  • Why knowledge transfer often fails to happen effectively…and what to do to fix it
  • The 3 adult learning principles that apply to knowledge transfer

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