170: How UC Berkeley Transformed Performance Reviews and Built a Coaching Culture

What if you could turn your performance review process into a real development opportunity? Angela Stopper, Ph.D., describes exactly what she and her team at UC Berkeley did to accomplish this amazing transformation.

Angela is the Chief Learning Officer and Director of People and Organization Development at the University of California, Berkeley. She is responsible for the team that creates and delivers campus-wide learning initiatives supporting supervisory, management, functional, and technical learning efforts for the campus’s 9,000 staff and faculty administrators.

You’ll discover:

  • The You-Me-We Learning Model that forms the basis for all their development programs
  • Why the entire learning operation at UC Berkeley is branded as GROW
  • What they’ve done to empower learners to be self-driven
  • How coaching has been incorporated into their performance review system
  • What “Achieve Together” conversations between managers and employees sound like

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