182: Use Ethical Hacking to Get into College or Land Your Dream Job

What can you do to stand out among 100s of applicants for college or a job? Anthony Berryhill shares brilliant insights for making sure your application is compelling. His strategies worked in his own life, helping him get admitted to prestigious universities like Stanford and Yale and land a high-level position in one of the country’s largest investment firms.

This is a man who started life as a resident of New Orleans’ 9th Ward, a neighborhood wiped out by Hurricane Katrina. You’ll be inspired by the story of a first-generation, low-income student who figured out how to write his essay in such a moving way that members of the admissions committee cried.

Anthony is the owner of Elite College Hacker, a consulting firm that specializes in helping students of color (both in the US and in Asian countries) gain admission to America’s top undergraduate, medical, and business schools. Anthony is also an award-winning competitive debate coach, and he’s coached 3 national champions, one at the college level and two at the high school level.

You’ll discover:

  • How Anthony acquired a Hustle Mindset to move out of his adverse circumstances
  • The life experiences Anthony shared in his college admission essay that grabbed the attention and emotions of the committee
  • How job applicants can apply ethical hacking to land their ideal position
  • Thought-provoking questions Anthony asks his clients to draw out their unique experiences

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