200: How Moderna Attracts and Develops Top Talent

Do you know of a company that’s created 12 powerful mindsets that are used daily by all employees? You do now, because Moderna is that company. And in this powerful interview, the team of April Eldred (VP, Talent Acquisition) and Noah Rabinowitz (VP, Learning & Development) describe with great enthusiasm what the Moderna Mindset looks like in action.

As VP and Global Head of Learning and Development, Noah leads Moderna University, the team responsible for providing world-class learning solutions for all segments of Moderna’s employee population. Noah has almost 25-years of experience in the HR and learning industry.

As VP of Global Talent Acquisition, April has recently been focused on building Moderna’s AI-capabilities in talent acquisition. She has spent more than 20 years creating recruitment teams that are passionate about building diverse talent pipelines and ‘making the match’ in a differentiated way.

You’ll discover:

  • Moderna’s mission statement and the unique culture that’s been created from it
  • A sampling of the 12 Moderna Mindsets and how they’re applied in everyday work situations
  • How April and Noah are using AI in talent acquisition and talent development
  • Why Moderna University is set up to serve those both internal and external to Moderna
  • The kind of data they’re using in their HR decision-making

Watch the episode:


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