198: Redfin’s Commitment to Creating a Coaching Culture

How do you help leaders take on the role of “coach” in addition to their other responsibilities? Arin Bryan is making that happen at Redfin with excellent results. You’ll love her enthusiasm for what she’s doing and the outstanding results they’re experiencing!

Arin is the Senior Director for Learning and Organizational Development with Redfin, and prior to that, she led Learning and Development teams in the travel tech industry for Expedia and Vrbo. With 12 years of experience leading learning and development teams, Arin is an industry expert in talent development. She is passionate about creating innovative learning and career experiences, cultivating learning cultures, and driving behavior and skill growth. She is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in career, executive, and life coaching.

You’ll discover:

  • How Arin got “hooked” on coaching as a key skill for managers
  • The research and analysis she did to design the most effective training programs
  • Different ways employees said they wanted “coaching” without using that word
  • Why Arin—and Redfin’s CEO, Glenn Kelman—says it all starts with love
  • How effective coaching impacts attraction and retention of talent

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