031: Your State of Mind Impacts What You See and Experience

by Barb Patterson

Do you ever think that what’s happening outside of you is what’s causing your feelings? My guest Barb Patterson shares her journey in discovering that our experiences are always generated from within us. Once she discovered the role that our state of mind plays in everything we think and do, it transformed the way she works with clients. Her insights are profound, and you’ll come away from this interview reflecting more deeply on the way you view yourself and the world.

You’ll discover:

  • How to view your thoughts in a neutral way, without judgment or criticism
  • Why striving and working harder aren’t necessary to achieve your goals
  • The conditions that create your best thinking and a more present mind
  • How you can alter your relationship to your thoughts to create fresh perspectives and ideas about your work and business
  • Why you’ll want to replace a reactive mind with a more relaxed, thoughtful state

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