033: The Brain’s Buy Button Affects Decisions Your Clients Make

by Ben Hipps

Have you ever tried to convince someone to buy a product or service by appealing only to their logical mind? My guest Ben Hipps used to sell that way, until he learned about neuro-marketing from Christophe Morin. In this interview, Ben explains the importance of three elements that impact buying decisions and how to incorporate them into your sales conversations. You’ll see why his clients say Ben is “easy to know” and are eager to do business with him. As the Founder of Keys2selling LLC, Ben offers cutting edge sales processes that drive exceptional results.

You’ll discover:

  • What is neuro-marketing and why it’s important for making sales
  • Why people don’t say Yes to data-driven presentations
  • The one feeling that drives many buying decisions
  • How to research a potential client before meeting with them so you’re prepared with questions that show you’ve done your homework
  • How to prepare for sales meetings and ask for the business without fear or anxiety

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