Want to learn ways to take better care of your brain so you think and perform at higher levels? My guest Cindy Shaw has answers! Cindy explains the roles that food (what to eat and what to avoid), sleep and stress management play in optimizing the function of your brain. We had a fascinating discussion, and I’m certain you’ll have some ah-ha’s as you take in her insights and advice on this vital organ.

Cindy is the founder of The Better Brain Academy. She’s a Certified Brain Health Coach with Amen University, and she uses her expertise as a brain health and mental performance trainer to help people transform their lives. By blending leading-edge neuroscience, brain health and self-improvement strategies, Cindy helps others naturally improve their moods, boost their performance, supercharge their energy and focus, and optimize their well-being.

You’ll discover:

  • Why brain health is critical to overall health
  • The 5 brain centers that can be over or under active
  • 5 foods to add to your diet to help you optimize brain health…and the ones to avoid
  • How to incorporate SHIDDs – Small Habits I Do Daily – into your daily routine
  • The impact of proper amounts of sleep and probiotics on your brain functioning

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