127: Eliminate Bullying in Schools and in the Workplace

What do bullying, workplace culture and visionary leadership have in common? Meet Connie St. John. She is a woman on a mission to have a positive (and BIG) impact in each of these areas. You’ll discover what she’s doing to eliminate bullying in middle schools throughout the country. And you’ll get valuable insights about the importance of leaders paying attention to the “tone” in order to tell if they are creating a culture where people thrive. Connie’s stories and message are compelling and unforgettable! 

Connie has more than 25 years of experience working with a wide variety of cultural influencers, including Fortune 50 companies, historic nonprofits, notable entertainment companies, churches and media moguls. She heads St. John Consulting Group, which specializes in team-building workshops and retreats, employee engagement, leadership development, executive coaching, and JEDI training (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion). Connie is also the president of No Weapon Productions, which specializes in change-your-life entertainment for film, television, stage productions, and live events.

You’ll discover:

  • How Connie uses her balance between right- and left-brain thinking to help clients work more efficiently and with heart
  • What “cultural influencer” organizations are and why Connie is uniquely qualified to serve them
  • The musical Connie has created for middle school students around the issue of bullying
  • The approach Connie takes with executives to address workplace bullies
  • How Connie uses jigsaw puzzles to teach leaders the importance of communicating their vision throughout the organization

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