261: A Time to Lead: Mastering Your Self

A lot of emphasis is placed on leadership behaviors, but it all starts within. What must a leader do to master Self? In this value-packed conversation with Craig Dowden, you’ll learn about the 7 areas included in his best-selling book, A Time to Lead: Mastering Your Self…So You Can Master Your World. Craig unpacks what leaders can do in each of these areas to prepare themselves to be more effective in their roles.

Craig is a highly respected executive coach with the Forbes Coaches Council as well as an award-winning speaker who delivers interactive, evidence-based workshops that translate the science of leadership, team, and organizational excellence into everyday practice.

His podcast, Do Good to Lead Well, which is based on the title of his first bestseller, is rated in the top 0.5% of podcasts in the world. Each week, Craig speaks with top CEOs, fellow bestselling authors, and global thought leaders to share their experience and expertise with his audience.

Craig has been a regular contributor to, and featured expert in, top-tier leadership and business publications including Forbes, Fast Company, the Financial Post, the Huffington Post, Financial Times, the Globe and Mail, and Psychology Today.

You’ll discover:

  • The top 2 areas of self-mastery that most leaders struggle with
  • Why a growth mindset is the foundation for all the other areas
  • The importance of recognizing and mastering your emotions
  • What you must do before asking someone to give you feedback
  • Some cautions and guidelines around authentic leadership

Watch the episode:

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